LunaMech has been converted to LMAV2.


19th of January 2022 at 03:12am SAST

I finally sat down and took the time to convert LunaMech over to the second version of my Matrix API. The conversion process did not take as long as I had expected. At the same time I converted my Matrix API library to parse JSON as a hash-table rather than as a plist (this is both faster and more secure and so it would be nice if Jonathans default behaviour was this...), anyway the conversion process was made quite easy because I had used a macro which I had called 'pkv' to access plist values from parsed JSON, by simply changing the definition of PKV to access a hash-table instead much of the conversion was done automatically, the rest of the conversion was adding a few missing features, changing instances of getf to 'get-key' and testing repeatedly.

Since the conversion has been complete LunaMech has experienced 0 downtime.

Ofcourse I have not updated the documentation so LunaMech is effectively totally unusable to the uninitiated despite the fact that Luna makes Matrix very usable... Oh well.